About Carole Thomson

Following 16 years implementing HR solutions for businesses I founded HR Support for Business. Designed to be a one stop trusted HR Resource centre for small and medium businesses. Working locally or virtually we can be your HR team member when you need us. Or give SMEs access to tried and trusted HR contracts, policies and documentation. A self service HR resource to make it easier for SMEs to manage their people and save time and money in development and management time.

Wrongful Dismissal explained

Many of my clients have been unsure of the difference between unfair and wrongful dismissal.  They are in fact two entirely different concepts.  Wrongful dismissal is ‘in breach of contract’ and quite importantly there is no length of service requirement for a breach of contract claim to be submitted. If you would like to read more here is a brief guide I prepared for my clients: What is Wrongful dismissal? … Read More

Dramatic changes to health and safety & corporate manslaughter enforcement

New Sentencing Council’s definitive guidelines now published   What are the New Sentencing Council’s guidelines? At HR Support for Business I endeavour to give my clients the information of forthcoming legislation so they have time to make a plan to protect their businesses and ensure their legal compliance.   Here is an overview of  the key points I feel my clients should  be aware of with regards to the Sentencing Council’s New Guidelines.  Of course if I can help in any way please just contact me.  Published on 3 November 2015 this new sentencing guide covers health and safety, corporate manslaughter and also food safety and hygiene offences.  It … Read More

The new National Minimum Wage and the new National Living Wage – The facts

The new National Minimum Wage – 1st October 2015   On Thursday 1 October 2015 the adult rate of the National Minimum Wage (NMW) increased by 20p from £6.50 to £6.70 per hour (as recommended by the Low Pay Commission). The Government rejected the LPC’s recommendation for the apprentice rate and the new apprenticeship rate will only now increase by 57p to £3.30. But this is still reported as the largest ever increase in the National Minimum Wage for apprentices. So from 1 October 2015 here are the new rates: Adult rate is £6.70 per hour – an increase of … Read More

Funding for business in Oxfordshire

Funding for the girls For any women in Oxfordshire a range of fully funded Social Media Workshops have recently been brought to my attention. Having a quick look they range from using WordPress to using the range of social media options such as:  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Pinterest etc for business.  And much more. Fully funded courses are rare so I am sure places will go quickly, so if you are interested click here  and have a look at what is on offer and where. And please remember, if you hear of any funding for business do let me know and I … Read More

Free employers’ guide on the 2015 UK Driving licence change

The 2015 Driving Licence change   You may or may not have heard that since 8 June 2015 the paper counterpart to the photo-card is no longer valid – and will no longer be issued, or updated by the DVLA (excluding licences issued by the DVA Northern Ireland). So how do you as an employer now check your drivers’ details?  This free Employers Essential Guide will help you to easily do this. Now before anyone who only has a paper copy of their licence (like me) panics your paper driving licence is still legal (if issued prior to the photo-card … Read More

The new Shared Parental Leave – top 10 questions answered

Are you prepared for the NEW legal right to Statutory Shared Parental leave and pay? Shared parental leave and pay 2015 – Overview This new legislation was enabled by The Children and Families Act 2014 back in March 2014 and brings with it a significant change to how parents care for their child in its first year. Known as Statutory Shared Parental Leave and Pay (SSPL&P) it came into force on 1st December 2014 and is relevant to babies born or adopted post 5th April 2015. So employers can expect queries and requests for this leave from this month (January … Read More

The New Fit for Work Service – top 10 questions answered

Managing sickness absence  10 key things you need to know about the new Government’s Fit for Work Service An Overview Sickness absence is reported as losing UK businesses 130 million work days per year.  So managing absence costs in your business is vital.  And every business knows,  it is not just the cost of SSP or sick pay, but the negative impact unplanned absences have on productivity, performance and the team. Reported to have cost 170 million to implement, the new Government’s Fit for Work Service has been designed to offer free support to employers and employees.  The focus is to … Read More

Holiday pay – should commission be included? The decision.

Holiday pay – should commission be included? HR Support for Business promised we would post an HR update when the Leicester Tribunal  handed down its long awaited (but not unexpected) decision regarding Lock v British Gas on whether commission should form part of holiday pay.  And the answer is yes. The background surrounding this case was Mr Lock was a salesman for British Gas and he was paid a basic salary and variable commission payments.  His commission payments depended not only the time he worked but the sales he had achieved.  Therefore Mr Lock could not earn commission when not at … Read More

Discrimination update – caste is now an aspect of race

Discrimination update   It has been recently announced that the Equality Act is to be amended so caste will now be an aspect of race therefore protected under current discrimination laws. The resulted from the outcome of the case Chandhok v Tirkey.  On appeal EAT had to decide whether the existing scope of the statutory definition of race covered caste discrimination. The outcome was that EAT found ‘ethnic origins’ posed wide questions in relation to descent and less favourable treatment due to ethnic origins so.  It was there decision that caste could amount to race discrimination. The Equality Act will be amended.  … Read More