New Home Office Code of Practice:

Employment law: New Home Office Code of Practice: Unlawful Discrimination A business must take care when undertaking the required document checks on an individual’s right to work in the UK. To check only those who you may personally judge may not have the right to work in the UK, could land you with discrimination claims. Please remember, discrimination compensation claims are uncapped. We have all read about successful discrimination claims at six figure amounts, so too great a business risk for anyone to take. This is another good reason why a business should have a systematic Induction process in place.   … Read More

Contract of Employment: Do you need to issue a contract to your employees?

 HR Micro Guide: Employee contract of employment This HR Micro Guide is designed to give you the employer an overview of the legal employment law requirement to issue a Principal statement / written statement of employment particulars to your employees.  And the business benefit of including this information in an Employee  Contract of Employment. Do you need to issue a Contract of Employment? To start with, the moment work is offered to a potential employee, and it is accepted, a legally binding contract of employment is formed. It does not have to be in writing.   However, Section 1-4 of the … Read More

Statutory payments rise April 2014

Employee Statutory payments rise April 2014   Statutory Sick pay 87.55 per week.  You will also no longer be able to recover the cost of SSP from the HRMC.  Prior to 6 April 2014 employers could reclaim SSP exceeding 13% of National Insurance contributions.   Statutory Maternity, Adoption, Paternity pay £138.18 per week, or 90% of average earnings, whichever is the lesser.   Statutory Redundancy £464 per week, or the employee’s weekly pay, whichever is the lesser.   Compensation for unfair dismissal Maximum compensatory award for unfair dismissal claim (where the effective date of termination falls on or after 6 … Read More