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Is it me, or do we suddenly seem to have been taken over by people using, or stalls selling, e-cigarettes?

Law update

Law update

Whatever your personal view on e-cigarettes there has now been a first tribunal case dealing with e-cigarettes at work.

The case was Insley v Accent Catering.

Basically a school catering assistant resigned, prior to a disciplinary hearing, for bringing the company into disrepute by smoking an e-cigarette on school premises in front of students.

They resigned and placed a claim at a tribunal for constructive dismissal – which was lost.

This in itself is not of great interest, but the Employment Judge went on to say that if the employee had not resigned, but had been dismissed, the dismissal may well have been judged unfair.   This is a warning of how a tribunal will view a similar case.

One of the key reasons given was that there was not a policy/procedure directing employees of the use of use of e-cigarettes at work.

Whilst the decision is not binding on other courts or Tribunals, it is a timely reminder to employers that it would be wise to have a good policy in place and include the use of e-cigarettes at work and also on breaks.

If we can help you amend your current policy, or supply a smoking and e-cigarette policy for you, then please just let us know.

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I hope you have found this employment update useful.  As with all legislation it is best to have this laid out in your Employees Handbook.

A good Employee Handbook, with a strong Cigarette and e-cigarette policy and procedure will not only ensure your legal compliance, it is a guide for your managers and employees on how you want your business to operate.

Thereby protecting your business and laying the foundations for managing absence in your business.

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