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HR Support BannerHR Support provides HR support locally across Oxfordshire and Warwickshire (read more).  And through our Virtual HR Service the same HR support to any business operating under English law (read more). Basically if you need a little extra HR support, but cannot justify a permanent HR person then HRSfB can help.

With so many employment and health and safety changes it is hard for us all to keep up! To help I collate key relevant changes and issues important to our businesses within a Newsletter (see below).

Of course, if you have any queries, or issues that are currently troubling you, then  please do not hesitate to contact me. I offer a free 30 minute consultation just for this purpose.

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The Latest Employers’ Newsletters:

April 2017

Covering the key changes implemented this April – and a couple of interesting case law updates


Just click here:  HRSfB Newsletter 2017

2015 – to end of July

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Some big changes. This issue covers some of the most relevant changes and issues important to our businesses that have occurred so far in 2015.

HRSfB Employers’ Newsletter to July 2015

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You can also find recent previous issues here:

2015.  First Quarter.  The HRSfB’s First Quarter Employers Newsletter is now ready for you to access.  This issue looks at the key employment and health and safety changes that will impact on your business.  Any queries, as always, please just contact me.

Stats imageSimply click hereHRSfB Employer Newsletter 1st quarter 2015




October 2014.  We see many employment law changes this October and a few announcements of changes to come.  Just click below to download our October Employers Newsletter as a pdf

Simply click here:  HRSfB Employer Newsletter October 2014



Simply click here:  HRSfB Employer Newsletter April-June 2014