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HR and H&S policies, handbooks and contracts of employment and supporting documentation

Based in Banbury and Bicester HR Support for Business provides a professional outsourced freelance HR service for small businesses across Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire (read more).  

I also offer a Virtual HR Service nationally for any business operating under English law.  Sometimes an employer just needs a  little expert HR support but cannot justify employing a permanent senior employee – that is where I or one of my associates can help.

HR RescourcesOften employers initially just need help to get their  HR and health and safety document management foundations in place.

The contracts of employment, employee and health and safety handbooks.  The documentation to help them ensure legal compliance and help to  manage the lifecycle, performance and safety of their employees.

No matter if you are a small business or fellow ‘time of short’ HR colleague, if you know your current policies and handbooks are out of date, but have  no time to up date them. Or they are full of jargon and hard to follow. Let me help you. Outsourcing this business need to a senior freelance HR professional can be a real cost effective solution to help you get the job done.

So can you trust the employment and health and safety resources  provided?


Chartered FellowAll are prepared ready for you to implement into your business by a Fellow of the CIPD (read more).  With over 20 years practical experience of helping business put in place straightforward documentation.  First to achieve legal compliance.  And then to help managers deal with people issues quickly and effectively and to help them to get the very best performance from their people.

IOSHAnd a Technician member of IOSH (read more) for well over 20 years.  Aligning employment documentation to a health and safety handbook containing practical health and safety policies and procedures to support a safe and healthier working environment and legal compliance.


leanAnd as a trained Lean Management Practitioner you can trust all documentation is straightforward, and easy to understand. And of course, business focused.  All procedures within the Handbooks are clear guides focused on helping managers lead their teams to deliver business objectives as well as legal compliance.

And as I worked in audited working environments for most of my career, all the documentation is designed to work within  ISO,  PAS,  or a similar accreditation systems.

Quite simply whether a small business or fellow HR professional these HR and H&S resources will save you hours of research and development time as I have done the work for you.  You just choose what you need and implement into your business.

HR Compliance in a Box

HR-Resources-Banner-300x57This HR package offers template Employment Contracts and key HR policies and procedures within an Employee Handbook.  You also have access to the Essential HR Toolkits.  Each HR Toolkit provides the template forms and documentation to manage an area of people management.  Combined they will help you manage the total  lifecycle of your workforce from ‘hire to retire’ – and everything inbetween.

Managing your workforce has just got simpler. 

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Health and Safety Compliance in a Box

image001Many of my HR clients have needed help to update an inadequate, or out of date Health and Safety Handbook to align to their new Employee Handbook.  This health and safety resource has been developed to help meet these needs cost effectively for my clients.

All aligned to work with our HR Compliance in a Box to help support a safe and productive working environment.

Included is a Health and Safety Handbook with the core policies and procedures and the key documents to help you achieve the health and safety foundations needed.

And if you need more, then we can add more to your box for you.

Health and safety just got simpler. 

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And, I have not forgotten my Micro clients:

HR Micro Compliance in a Box

faviconSometimes my clients just have just one or two employees.  And whilst all the above would be ideal, budgets are tight and they are just keen initially to ensure their legal compliance with Section 1 of the Employment Rights Act (avoiding the costly fine of £1,800 per employee).

Therefore this HR resource is formulated to meet these initial legal compliance needs.

All designed to align to the full resources offered in our  HR Compliance in a Box, so small businesses can build the policies procedures and documentation they need over time – when they are ready. Or perhaps use the HR Retainer Service below to slowly build the required documentation over time.

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The HR Annual Retainer Service

HR-Support-Banner2Once business management foundations are compliant, clients have often asked me for a cost effective continuous HR Support Service.

First,  to ensure they stayed compliant with ever changing employment and health and safety law.

And then, to have direct easy access to Senior advisor to help them resolve workforce issues as they happen. Or to be there to give a little extra support as needed within their business.

And, someone to keep them up to date with forthcoming legal changes, so they can prepare their business for the change.

I  therefore developed our HR Annual Retainer Service to meet these  needs.

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Money-poundsI understand cost has to be an important factor for small businesses.  Therefore I also offer an initial  30 minute free HR Consultation with a Senior HR Consultant to discuss your business needs.

We can then discuss how HR Support for Business may best help you.

Why not give me a call and we can have a chat of how I can help you.

Carole Thomson