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If your business needs HR Support – why not outsource your HR needs?


hello greyHello, I am Carole Thomson and I work as a freelance HR Virtual Support Assistant.

Based in Banbury and Bicester my business, HR Support for Business, provides an outsourced HR Support Service to small businesses and fellow HR Managers.

I offer a 30 minute free consultation so we can discuss your business needs.  Just call or email.

The HR Services


HR Support BannerThe HR support service offered can be either provided virtually using all the technology we now all have to hand – so keeping costs down.

But if you need me at your business, for instance; to hear an appeal or grievance or hold a disciplinary hearing or redundancy meeting then I, or one of my HR associates, can be there for you.

You can use the Outsourced HR Service on a ‘pay as you go’ basis for when you just need ad hoc HR assistance.  Providing a very cost effective way of getting the professional help your business needs without compromising on the quality of the service delivered.

When completed I go away until the next time you need HR support.  So no fixed costs.

HR-Resources-Banner-300x57You can also access the Pay as you go Service to review, your contracts of employment or Employee Handbook.  To check your legal compliance and effectiveness to changing law.

If changes are needed I will provide a quotation to  either amend your current documentation or, provide you with new.  You choose whichever is the best for you.  My focus will be to ensure you have the contracts and documented legal management framework you need to manage the lifecycle of your workforce. Both legally and effectively.  Read more:

H&S BannerAs many of my clients have needed support to get a health and safety handbook in place for their business I can align a health and safety handbook to the employee handbook.

Combined they will help deliver a safer as well as productive working environment. Read more:

Or, if you need a more continuous support I offer a HR Annual Retainer Service so I become part of your extended management team.

HR-Support-Banner2As a team member I will ensure that you are compliant to changing employment and health and safety law.

And be there when you need HR help or advice, so employee issues are dealt with swiftly and cost effectively.  Including providing any documentation or letters needed.  Read more

All HR services are designed to take the risk and hassle out of managing your people.

If you would like to have a chat about how HR Support for Service could be of help why not contact me and take advantage of the free 30 minute HR Consultation.