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Based in Banbury and Bicester HR Support for Business provides a local HR Consultancy Support Service across Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire.  Providing practical HR support, advice and HR resources to fellow businesses and HR professionals.

For when you need that extra HR help but cannot justify a permanent hire.

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You can simply access our Ad Hoc HR Service whenever you have a need.  We provide the HR support you and your team need on a pay as you go basis until the job is done.  Then leave until you need us again – so no fixed costs.

HR-Support-Banner2Need more? Then dependant on your needs, we also offer for our  HR Annual Retainer Service (Click for more info).

As a base HR service we will provide the information and resources to help ensure your continuous legal compliance.  And  provide easy access to continuous HR support and advice service as HR issues or projects arise. Saving your valuable time worrying about how to deal with employee issues.

We can also align this HR service to provide you with the HR or health and safety resources that your business needs.

HR Resources BannerAsk yourself. Are your current employment and health and safety policies out of date – but you have no time to update them?

Or are they hard to understand – full of jargon and not business supportive – so not used?   You may be interested to know all resources I provide are designed to help support your legal compliance.

They are also straightforward management guides to help you more easily manage the lifecycle of your workforce and manage and build competency and performance.  They are also compliant to work within an auditable working environment (ISO or PAS or other industry or legal compliance requirements).

You simply decide exactly how HR Support for Business can help you and get in touch.  Not sure?  We offer an initial free 30 minute consultation so we can discuss your HR needs and how we can help you.

Not Banbury or Bicester based?  We work very well on a virtual basis with many clients who operate under English law.  Often businesses just need access to HR resources and HR support and advice and our Virtual HR Support Service meets these HR needs very well.  Click for more info.

So what can I help you with?

4sq iconTo give you an idea below are some of the services I have provided. But please just contact me and we can discuss how I could help.

  • Complete a HR  Compliance Audit and if required an aligned health and safety audit of your contracts, policies and handbooks.  Then provide a free quotation to either amend as needed, or provide new documentation – whichever is best for you;
  • Provide advice or come in and hold a grievance, disciplinary or appeal hearing for you;
  • Help you implement an effective Appraisal process to maintain and build competency and performance within your business;
  • Provide advice and support to help you manage short and long term Sickness absences
  • Help you fix poor performance issues;
  • Provide HR support in managing a change, restructure, redundancies or inbound and outbound TUPE situations;
  • Undertake a Training needs and Competency Analysis to see what skills and competencies your business needs to meet customers’ needs and identify any gaps;
  • Provide bespoke management training to enable your managers to more effectively manage your workforce;
  • Help you develop a Results Based Job Description.   Long task based job descriptions often sit on dusty shelves.  This new format helps you and your employees focus on what needs to be achieved to meet your customers’ needs.  And what competencies are needed to achieve these results.  So much more effective (read more).


Free HR Resources

Free HR Resources

And before you go, please help yourself to any of the free HR resources we provide within our HR Newsroom    Click here.