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Based in Oxfordshire I work as a Virtual HR Assistant for businesses, and fellow HR professionals, who operate under English employment law.  An ideal outsourced HR solution for when a business needs extra HR help, but cannot justify the employment of a permanent Senior HR Manager.

A cost effective and flexible outsourced HR solution utilising the technology we now all have.

Working on an ad hoc ‘buy as you go’ basis to meet the needs of your business.

I, or one of my professional associates, can provide straightforward HR help to manage a disciplinary, grievance, underperformance or absence issue within your business.

Or perhaps help you implement a needed change, a redundancy, TUPE, or contractual variation or other business change.

Chartered FellowAll provided by fully qualified and experienced HR professionals.  Read more


Or perhaps you know the policies and procedures within your Employee Handbook are out HR-Resources-Banner-300x57of date.  So not compliant with current law.  Or they are full of jargon, hard to follow and therefore not used.

But where does the time come from to sort it all out?  I can help.  First I can complete an HR audit for you.  Then either amend your current documentation, or utilising the tried and tested Contracts, policies, procedures and documentation within our HR Resources package, provide you with what you need. Whichever we agree  is the best for you.  Click to read more.

HR-Support-Banner2And should you find you need a little more HR Support you may wish to consider the HR Retainer Service.  There as a virtual member of your team as needed. Read more.

If you would like to discuss how I can help you with your HR or health and safety needs, I offer a FREE 30 minute consultation specifically for this purpose.  Just call – happy to talk it over.

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