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HR Support for Business  supports business with employment issues locally across Oxfordshire and virtually as long a business operates under English law.

HR Support BannerThe most frequent HR support asked for is to implement the contracts of employment and the HR policies and procedures for a business.

Not just to ensure legal compliance but to manage the total lifecycle of a workforce.

Money-poundsKnowing cost as well as quality is always an issue for the smaller business, I designed HR Compliance in a Box.  This business resource provides employers with the HR tools to manage the lifecycle of their employees. But at a reasonable cost.

At it’s core an Employee Handbook including the employment policies and procedures compliant to current employment law.  Equally designed as management guides to support competency, build performance, a safer working environment and manage costs in your business.  Stripped down to the essential and written in plain easy to understand English.

Supported by a legally compliant and business protective Template Contract of Employment.

In addition you have access to our HR Toolkits.   Each HR Toolkit is designed to give you easy access to template HR forms and letters to implement a procedure.  Quite simply a well designed form can ease the management process, help you ensure legal compliance, facilitate the effective exchange and recording of information, as well as encourage HR and management best practices.

I have done the research and work for you at a fraction of the cost of undertaking similar research and work internally. You then just need to bespoke and implement the into your business.

Chartered FellowAll done for you by a Senior HR professional and a Fellow of the CIPD with over 16 years practical experience of delivering HR solutions and compliance for small business

IOSHAnd who is also health and safety trained.  So everything within the HR Compliance in a Box is also designed to support our Health and Safety Handbook in delivering a safe and healthy working environment.

Don’t fall foul of ever changing and complex Employment Law. Or, stress over constantly trying to stay legally compliant. Or, lose sleep worrying how to deal with a people issue ever again.    This HR Resource is designed to provide you with a cost effective HR Compliance solution to manage the people side of your business.


And if you need extra HR help or advice, you have easy access to our HR Support Services or our HR Annual Retainer Service.  Giving you the peace of mind that we are just a phone call away if needed.


I understand cost is an important factor for small businesses, so I offer an initial  30 minute free consultation with a Senior HR Consultant.  We can then discuss your needs and how I or one of my associates can help you.

Just call me  Or whilst here why not scroll down and see what your HR Compliance Box can offer you.

Your HR Compliance Box will include:

A Template Contract of Employment of your choice and an Employee Handbook with the essential employment policies and procedures. Including a policy and procedure for:

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Induction
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Prevention of Harassment; victimisation & Bullying
  • Capability & Competence
  • Disciplinary
  • Raising a Concern or Grievance
  • Capability (under performance)
  • Appeals
  • Attendance and Sickness
  • Capability (ill health)
  • Holiday
  • ICT and Social Media
  • Maternity
  • Adoption
  • Ordinary Paternity Leave
  • The new Shared Parental Leave
  • Parental Leave
  • Time off for Dependants
  • Retirement.


All branded with your name and logo.  And following a quick chat tailored to meet your individual business and industry needs.  All also aligned to help support a safe working environment by working with our Health and Safety Compliance in a Box.

Need more? You can choose to add any other HR policy and procedure within your business to your HR Compliance Box.

For instance:  Company Car; Redundancy; Bribery; Whistleblowing; Smoking and e-cigarettes; Expenses to name but a few.

You just tell me what additional employee policy and procedure you want to add. Or if you only want one or two procedures that is fine too.  You just tell me what you need.

What are the HR Toolkits?

I have developed the  HR Toolkits to give you easy access to the essential documents to implement the procedures. These HR Toolkits will save you even more ££ in development and management time.  And they will help you implement the policies and procedures to your business with ease.   

The  most popular HR Toolkits are:

  • HR Toolkit – Recruitment & Selection –get the people and skills you need legally (read more)
  • HR Toolkit Induction and ComplianceNew starter Induction pack to ensure compliance & competency  (read more)
  • HR Toolkit Performance and AppraisalsManaging the performance of your employees  – including the use of an effective appraisal  focused on continual improvement (read more)
  • HR Toolkit Discipline and Grievances  Informal and formal HR documents to manage these key issues effectively and compliant to current employment law (read more)
  • HR Toolkit to manage sickness absences – both short term and longer term absences (read more)
  • HR Toolkit to manage family friendly absences – helping you manage these complex legalistic regulations (read more).


All provided electronically(in Word) ready for you to use.

Also if you want to add additional template contracts of your choice to your HR Compliance Box we can do this for you.


For instance we can provide you with:

  • Fixed Term contract template
  • Temporary template contract
  • Zero Hour Contract
  • Annualised hour contract
  • Contract of Services.


HR-Support-Banner2And if you then want to ensure you remain legally compliant, and have access to trusted senior HR professional for support and advise when you need it – have a  look at our:

HR Annual Retainer Service (more info click here)


Why not give us a call.