HR Toolkit – Disciplinary and Grievance

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HR Support for Business provides the HR support a business needs when a permanent senior hire cannot be justified.  This now includes easy access to the HR tools needed to manage disciplinary or grievance issues in the workplace.

The  Disciplinary and Grievance HR toolkit provides you with the documentation and template letters to manage disciplinary and grievance issues easily within your business.

And if you need extra HR help or advice, easy access to a senior HR professional.  Giving you the peace of mind that help is just a phone call away.  Contact me.

This HR toolkit  will help save you the time and money in the development time it would take to put  the forms and template letters needed to manage disciplinary or grievance issues within your business in place.  I have done the work for you and offer the HR toolkit  to you for you for a fraction of the cost of doing the same work internally.

Please read below for more information of what your Discipline and Grievance HR Toolkit will provide you with.  Or just give me a call.  I  offer a free 30 minute initial HR consultation so we can discuss your business needs and how HR Support for Business can best help you. Just ask for Carole.


Your HR Toolkit – Disciplinary and Grievances

HR RescourcesDisciplinary and grievance issues are governed by quite exacting employment law and process.  This can be difficult for any businesses to adhere to without HR help and support.

These HR management tools will support you to achieve a fair and legal process.

It is also a fact that to maintain and build performance, good workforce relations, and ensure safety in your business, you need to be able to manage both performance and conduct issues swiftly.  Also to have a route for your employees to raise a concern or grievance.   And a  concern raised could be an accident or workplace issue prevented.

I include  HR Micro-Guides  Taken from my training packages they will give you the underpinning knowledge to help you to deal with workforce issues and conflict more easily.

Your Disciplinary and Grievance HR Toolkit includes: 

  • Template Informal ‘Review form
  • HR Micro-Guide:  Fixing under performance or misconduct issues
  • Template letter confirming outcome of an informal review and agreed objectives
  • Template Informal Concern form
  • Template Informal Investigation and Outcome/action form
  • Template letter advising the outcome of an informal  concern raised
  • Template Witness Statement form
  • Template Formal Investigation form (for disciplinary or grievance issues)
  • Template letter advising the outcome of a formal disciplinary investigation.  Either allegations unfounded or invite to a Formal Hearing
  • Template letter to discuss the outcomes of a Formal Grievance investigation
  • Template Disciplinary Formal Hearing form
  • Template Grievance Formal Hearing form
  • Template Formal Appeal Hearing form.

Because the outcome of a Formal Hearing can have many variables, based on many individual and business facts, the outcome letter has to be written bespoke to all the facts.   We therefore do not include a template letter as without the aligned bespoke professional HR or legal advice it could inadvertently put your business at risk.  However I would be happy to help. Just contact me

HR-Support-Banner2Or why not check out our HR Annual Retainer Service  Developed to specifically to provide this extra HR support.  Read more


Finally all documents will help deliver the policies and procedures within our Employee Handbook.  And are compliant to current English law at the time of purchase.

Training BannerAnd if you feel your team would benefit from training in the skills  needed to successfully manage both discipline and grievance issues check out our Management Training program.


Any queries just give me a call.