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Employee Induction – ensuring legal and business compliance

depositphotos_9597668-Solution---Concepts-collectionHR Support for Business developed the Induction and Compliance HR Toolkit to provide small employers with HR support and HR tools.

The HR tools specifically to  manage new employee inductions and ensure legal compliance more easily within their business.  All aligned to support our Employee and Health and Safety Handbooks.

And extra HR help or advice is needed, easy access to a HR professional. Giving  peace of mind that HR support is just a phone call away.  Contact us.

We provide this HR package of business tools to you help save your time and money in developing similar HR tools to manage new employee inductions in your business.

We have done this work for you at a fraction of the cost of undertaking similar research and work internally.

Please read more of what your Induction and Compliance HR Toolkit with provide you with and why a systematic and effective Induction process is so critical to your business.  Or contact us.  We offer a free 30 minute HR Consultation to discuss your business needs and how HR Support for Business can help you.


HR Toolkit – Employee inductions and compliance

HR facts:  The lowest employee retention is within the first 3 months of employment.  New Employees create a significant health and safety risk to your business.

Plus you can reduce losing the skills your  business needs, wasting your recruitment, and training costs, and manage safety and compliance risks by following a systematic induction based on identified business needs.

The CIPD, HSE and others all that stress the importance of a thorough Employee Induction.  Not only to retain the  people you need, but to ensure your new employee now does the job you are paying them to do.  And to help ensure health and safety and reduce expensive errors.

There is also a huge amount of compliance information to check, collect and give.

Some legal requirements like the Right to Work in the UK, HRMC information, and evidence of an employee’s qualifications to safely and effectively do the work.  With stiff penalties for none conformance.

And some for essential administration, like Bank details, Drivers Information or perhaps a Health Assessment Questionnaire, and so on.

And, let’s not forget all the information your new employee needs to be given to be able to get up to speed and start doing the job you are paying for as quickly as possible.

Many an accidents or errors could have been avoided if the person had been fully inducted into the business and highlighted needs met.

Trust me, no matter how hard you try, you will never remember all you need to do unless you have a systematic induction procedure to follow, to ensure everything identified as needed is completed and recorded.

It may be worth noting, I have used the signed Induction check list, or its documentation as written and signed defence evidence in employee disputes, Tribunals, accident investigations and even personal injury claims.  Which was very handy!

Your Induction HR Toolkit includes:

  • An easy to follow Pre-employment and Post-employment Induction action check list
  • The required documentation to gather/give information needed and complete compliance checks.  For instance:  Bank Details form; Drivers Questionnaire; Right to Work  check list, Display Screen Assessment form; health surveillance form – and much more to choose from.
  • The ability to tailor the check list to meet your business needs and the position.  For instance, so you can include specific Safe Systems of Work, or Company or job related  information.
  • Skills and Competency assessment form (this will check the skills, knowledge they have to meet the needs of the position – so you can identify any gaps and learning needs. Often referred to as a Training Needs Analysis).
  • An Induction and Probationary Leaning Plan on how you will meet any identified skill or competency gaps.
  • HR Micro Guide:  How to check the right to Work in the UK
  • HR Micro Guide: Using an OH Health Questionnaire – the law;
  • HR Micro Guide:  Completing a Skills and Competency Assessment.


All documents align to the policies and procedures within our Employee and Health and Safety Handbooks and are compliant to current English law at the time of purchase.  All documents are supplied in Word format so you may easily save and amend to use in your business time and time again.

And, if you want to ensure your continuous compliance to changing employment and health and safety law and best practice.  And have senior professional HR support and advise when needed,  to help with such employee issues why not check out our:

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We also understand cost is an important factor so we offer an initial  30 minute free consultation so we can discuss the needs of your business and how HRSfB may best help you.

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