HR Toolkit – Managing sickness absence

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depositphotos_9597668-Solution---Concepts-collectionOur Sickness absence HR toolkit provides small employers with HR support and HR tools.  The HR tools specifically to manage short and longer term sickness absence and cost issues  more easily within their business.

And if you need extra HR help or advice, easy access to professional HR support.  Giving you the peace of mind that HR support is just a phone call away if needed.  Contact us.

The Sickness Absence HR Toolkit  provides you, the employer, with the HR template letters and HR forms to implement Attendance and Capability procedures (see our Employee Handbook).  And of course, adhere to employment and health and safety law.  Enabling you to easily deal with sickness absences and capability issues in your business.

We provide this HR package of business tools to help save your time and money in developing similar HR tools to manage sickness absence and issues in your business.  We have done this work for you at a fraction of the cost of undertaking similar research and work internally.

Please read more of what your Sickness Absence HR Toolkit will provide you with and why managing this area of your business is so important.  Or contact us.  We offer a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your business needs and how HR Support for Business may help you.

HR Toolkit – Managing sickness absence

The latest annual report put UK sickness absence as costing UK businesses £29 Billion (PwC).  Do you know how much absence costs you?

It is not just the cost of sick pay.  Unlike planned absences, having a key worker unexpectedly out of the business impacts on performance, moral, safety and the effectiveness of the team and business as a whole to meet your customers’ needs.

One the most effective reported management tools to manage and reduce sickness absence is having clear Attendance and Capability procedures to deal with both short-and longer terms sickness absences.

Another, is to ensure you hold an Absence Review Meeting (Back to work interview) to discuss and manage the absence each and every time.  This has proved not only to effectively manage sickness absences, it is an essential element in ensuring a safe working environment.

Your  HR e Toolkit includes: 

Absences happen and each business will have set an Absence Trigger point.  An absence trigger point is when absences are exceeding an acceptable level or pattern and need to be managed as a formal capability issue.

  • Template Fit for Work self assessment (1st 7 days of sickness absence)
  • Template Back to work interview form
  • Template review form
  • HR Micro Guide: Managing and reducing absences
  • HR Micro Guide Measuring and monitoring absence levels and understanding and using the Bradford Factor.


So what happens when absences hit the ‘trigger point’.  As ultimately one of the options you may have to consider is dismissal due to capability, you have to deal with this formally.

  • Template Review meeting forms (to review an on going absence, or any reasonable short-term adjustments that have been made to enable a person to return to work)
  • Template Return to Work Plan (RWP)
  • Template Attendance Improvement Plan (AIP)
  • Doctors/Medical information consent form
  • Template letter requesting further medical information
  • Template Capability investigation form
  • Template letter to invite to formal Capability Hearing
  • Capability Hearing form
  • HR Micro Guide:  Managing Disabilities, The Equality Act and the law on reasonable adjustments


Sickness absences whether short-term or longer term are the hardest employee issue to manage.  The Sickness Absence  HR Toolkit gives you the HR tools to manage and reduce absences.  However if you are ultimately considering a dismissal be reason of capability it is highly recommended that you seek early further professional assistance.

All documents are compliant to current English law and all supplied in Word so you may easily save and amend for your business time and time again.

And, if you want to ensure your continuous compliance to changing employment and health and safety law.

And have senior professional support and advise when needed,  to help with such issues:

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