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HR Support tools to manage and build employee performance


HR Support for Business developed the Performance and Appraisal HR Toolkit to provide small employers with the practical HR tools to manage and build performance within their business.

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The Performance and Appraisal HR Toolkit  provides you with the HR template letters, forms and HR Micro Guides to successfully and easily manage and build performance in your business.  And, of course, help you to adhere to employment and health and safety law and support procedures within our Employee and Health and Safety Handbooks.

This HR package of business tools will save your time and money in developing similar HR tools to manage and build performance within your business.  I have done this work for you at a fraction of the cost of you having to undertake similar research and work internally.

Please read below to see what your Performance and Appraisal HR Toolkit will provide you with, and why managing performance needs to be a key business objective.

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HR Toolkit:   Performance and Appraisals

Money-poundsEmployees are a fixed business cost, and a good Performance Management System, including an effective appraisal process simply helps you manage this cost.

HR Support for Business can help you to ensure your employees deliver the performance and results you are paying them to deliver.

Our Performance and Appraisal HR Toolkit will focus on giving you the HR tools to cascade and communicate your business objectives to your teams. Then:

The HR tools to identify what working skills, knowledge, experience and resources are needed for an individual to achieve the objectives you have set.

Once achieved, to  than have the HR tools to assess if individuals are achieving the objectives they are targeted to achieve – better known as Performance Management.

And if improvement, or a change is required, the HR tools to take swift action to get things back on track.  But ultimately if an employee continues to under perform, to be able to manage the employee safely and swiftly out of your business (see our Disciplinary HR Toolkit).

Many appraisals can be ‘paperwork’ heavy – with managers avoiding completing appraisals like the plague.  Or even worse just completing a ‘tick box’ exercise which is of little use to anyone.

Our Performance and Appraisal HR Toolkit has a simple easy to use appraisal process.  It focuses on enabling your managers to ‘have the conversation’ and cascade and communicate your business objectives to their teams.  Then:

To be able to review progress and give constructive feedback to help support employees achieve.  And ultimately, to  help managers monitor and build the performance and capability of their teams to achieve current and future business objectives and results.

Your Performance and Appraisal HR Toolkit includes: 

  • Template Results Based Job Description
  • HR Micro Guide: How to develop a Results based Job Description
  • Template Objectives form and
  • HR Micro Guide:  Setting objectives that work – SMART E
  • Template Form to record a Probationary, Informal and an Annual Appraisal review.  And
  • HR Micro Guide:  Giving constructive feedback to build performance and capability and
  • HR Micro Guide:  Fixing under performance and conduct issues.
  • Template Training Needs Analysis form (identifying learning gaps) and
  • Template Employee Initial Learning Plan.


All documents align to the policies and procedures within our Employee and Health and Safety Handbooks and are compliant to current English law at the time of purchase.  All documents are supplied in Word format so you may easily save and amend to use in your business time and time again.

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