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HR Support for Business developed the Recruitment and Selection HR Toolkit to provide pt-on-white-backgroundemployers with HR support and HR tools.

The HR tools specifically to  recruit the employees a business needs and to comply with specific legal requirements more easily within your business. All aligned to support our Employee and Health and Safety Handbooks.

And if you need extra HR help or advice, easy access to a Senior HR professional when you need.  Giving you the peace of mind that HR support is just a phone call away if needed.  Contact us.

We provide this HR package of HR business tools to you to help save your time and money in developing similar HR tools to manage recruitment and selection in your business.  We have done this work for you at a fraction of the cost of undertaking similar research and work internally.

Please read more of what your Recruitment and Selection HR Toolkit with provide you with and why a systematic and effective Recruitment and Selection process is so critical to your business.  Or contact us.  We offer a 30 minute free consultation so we can discuss your business needs and how HR Support for Business can help you.

HR Toolkit:  Recruitment and Selection

The risks if you recruit the wrong person are many, for instance: 

  • Performance management is doomed to fail  before it has even started
  • Wasted recruitment costs (CIPD reports average recruitment of a non senior employee as a £5000+  – rising with seniority)
  • The untold costly damage the wrong person can do to your existing team and your business before you often realise.  Then,
  • The additional cost of managing this person out of your business.

So just too expensive to get wrong!

depositphotos_25224381-To-Do-List-Everything-Dry-Erase-Board-Overworked-StressBut as essential as it is to your business, choosing the right person out of many applicants is not as easy as it first seems.  Especially when you have so many other tasks to do in your day.

The Recruitment and Selection HR Toolkit gives you a tried and tested template HR documents to easily implement the Recruitment and Selection procedure with our Employee Handbook.  Giving you tried and tested HR process to find the right person for the job – and do so legally.

Remember a person doesn’t even have to be employed to take you to a Tribunal for alleged discrimination.   And you may have read that successful discrimination claims  (9 protected strands under the Equality Act) can sometimes run into a 6 figure sums £???,??? 

Ask yourself, apart from the other costs, could your business survive a claim like this?  A fair and legal recorded recruitment and selection process will help prevent this from happening to you.  And if it does happen, the recruitment and selection HR documents you have completed will be your first line of defence that the allegation of discrimination is without foundation.

Your Recruitment and Selection HR Toolkit includes:

  • Template Results Based Job Description
  • HR Micro Guide:  How to write a results based job description
  • Template Behavioural Job Application form and CV
  • HR Micro Guide:  The importance of competencies and behaviours to performance
  • Recruitment Shortlisting template form
  • HR Micro Guide:   How to quickly assess if they match the criteria for the position to help speed up the selection process
  •  Template letters to:  Say thanks – but no thanks, or come in for an interview; Sorry interview not successful, or come for 2nd interview; You were not, or were successful in your application.  Believe me this just saves time and reduces risks and errors
  • Template Interview form and
  • HR Micro Guide: How to Conduct a Behavioural Competency based Interview.


All documents align to the policies and procedures within our Employee and Health and Safety Handbooks and are compliant to current English law at the time of purchase.  All documents are supplied in Word format so you may easily save and amend to use in your business time and time again.

And, if you want to ensure your continuous compliance to changing employment and health and safety law.  And have senior professional HR support and advise when needed,  to help with such employee issues why not check out our:

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We also understand cost is an important factor so we offer an initial  30 minute free consultation so we can discuss the needs of your business and how HR Support for Business may best help you.

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