HR Toolkit to manage Family Friendly Absences

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HR Support for Business developed the Family Friendly Absence HR Toolkit to provide small employers with HR support and HR tools to manage this complex area of employment law.

It is a good thing for parents to equally care for their families. For employers; Maternity, Adoption, Parental, Paternity, Shared Parental Leave and Time off for Dependants can collectively be a complex and difficult HR area to manage in their businesses needing HR support and advice.

The HR tools specifically help employers  manage all these legal absence rights more easily within their business.  All aligned to support our Employee and Health and Safety Handbooks.

And if you need extra HR help or advice, easy access to senior HR support when needed.  Giving you the peace of mind that we are just a phone call away if needed.  Contact us.

We provide this HR package of business tools to you to help save your time and money in researching and developing similar HR tools to manage the various family friendly statutory absence rights in your business.  We have done this work for you at a fraction of the cost of undertaking similar research and work internally.

Please read more of what your Family Friendly Absence HR Toolkit will provide you with.  Or contact us.  We offer a free 30 minute consultation so we may discuss your business needs with you and how best HR Support for Business can help you.

Your HR Toolkit:  Family friendly absences

  • HR Micro-Guide:  Current maternity and adoption definitions, eligibility, pay and rights
  • Maternity /Adoption Notification form
  • Maternity Risk Assessment form
  • Medical Consent form
  • Template letter confirming outcome of risk assessment and any reasonable adjustments agreed
  • Absence request form for Anti-natal appointments / Adoption appointment to meet with the child
  • Template letter confirming leave dates, pay and rights
  • Template letter confirming attendance of KIT /SPLIT days and associated payments
  • Template letter confirming any requested changes
  • Template letter confirming return date
  • Parental and Shared Parental leave notification request form
  • Template letter confirming requested leave, dates, pay and rights or postponement (if multiple dates)
  • HR Micro-Guide:  Current parental leave eligibility and rights and Top 10 Shared Parental Leave questions answered
  • Template letter requesting Ordinary Parental Leave
  • Template letter confirming request
  • HR Micro-Guide: Current rights and definitions to Time off for Dependants
  • Template form confirming employee reasons for leave taken under Time off for Dependents
  • Template letter confirming leave.


As you will see some forms can have a multiple function, whilst others have to be bespoke to the type of leave due to the requirements of that specific employment law regulation.

All documents align to the policies and procedures within our Employee Handbook and are compliant to current English law at the time of purchase.  All documents are supplied in Word format so you may easily save and amend to use in your business time and time again.

And, if you want to ensure your continuous compliance to changing employment and health and safety law.  And have senior professional HR support and advise when needed,  to help with such employee issues why not check out our:

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