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HR Micro Compliance in a Box

I work as a HR Virtual Assistant providing an exceptional HR outsourced consultancy service for many small businesses.  Locally across Oxfordshire and virtually as long a business operates under English law.

Money-poundsListening to the needs of my Micro businesses, I designed this HR Resource as cost effective but still highly professional Starter Resource Package for the smaller business.


HR Micro Compliance in a Box is primarily focused to help my smaller employers comply with their duties under Section 1 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 (required information).  Providing a Contract of Employment and the key procedures required.

The business risk.  Otherwise if you had just 4 employees, none-compliance to this Act would put your business at an unnecessary risk of a £7,200 fine.

Procedures are simple and easy to understand – so no need to grab a dictionary!   They focus on guiding you to manage workforce issues effectively and legally.

All designed to fit into the more comprehensive HR resources found within the HR Compliance in a Box.  So you can add more policies and procedure to manage the lifespan of your employees – as and when you want to.

All the hard work is done for you at a fraction of the price of undertaking the research and work internally.

If you want to know more just simply contact me and we can discuss the needs of your business.   Or scroll down for a brief overview:


The Contract Template

A well written Employment Contract will give your business much more than legal compliance.  It will protect your business and give you flexibility to manage your business.

I write you a template contract of employment based on current law and the information you give to me about your business.

Essential procedures

The focus is to provide the key procedures to align with the contract to ensure your legal compliance with the requirements of Section 1 of the Employment Rights Act.

A Formal Grievance procedure and Informal Concern procedure

There are very specific procedural requirements you are required to follow if a grievance is raised.  Your procedure is designed to help you to deal with grievances raised within your business swiftly, legally and effectively.

Conflict of any kind has a detrimental impact on your business. Experience has taught me it is always best to deal with grievance or a concern when it is small.  You are then much more likely to have a positive outcome for all.  I have therefore extended the Grievance procedure to incorporate a way for employees to informally raise a concern with you.

Your procedure will also help you meet a key element to ensure health and safety within your business.  By giving your employees a route to raise any health or safety concerns informally so preventative action can be taken if needed.

A Disciplinary procedure and minor performance and conduct issues

Again there are very specific procedural requirements you are required to follow if you wish to deal with a misconduct or an under performance issue formally.  I ensure your procedure will guide you to protect your business and enable you to deal with both issues swiftly and legally.

It will take you through the need for an initial investigation.  Then the exact process you need to follow.

I also include a route for you to raise, manage and record minor performance and conduct issues with your employees. This will enable you to maintain both performance and conduct more easily within your business.

An Appeals procedure

An important element of both formal grievance and disciplinary procedures and a legal requirement.  I provide a separate procedure as again you need to follow a specific legal process.

Having a fair and transparent Appeals process will help you ensure that an avoidable error has not been made in your business.  And that a fair process was followed and fair decision was made. Avoiding an unnecessary and expensive trip to a tribunal.

Results based job description

At the end of the day you do not pay for a person’s skills and capabilities, but what you need them to achieve in your business.

Therefore, it is easier for you to have the HR tools to focus the job description on what you need them to achieve and the competencies needed to achieve them.

This style of job description has proved to be easier or you to measure whether your employee is achieving the results you need them to achieve.

To help, I also include a HR Micro-Guide on how to develop a Results based job description together with a Template Job Description.



And if you want to ensure you stay legally compliant, have access to Senior HR support and advice when you need it, and be kept up to date with employment changes, why not look at the:

HR-Support-Banner2HR Annual Retainer Service 

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You may also wish to have a look at our HR Toolkit: Disciplinary and Grievance.

This HR Toolkit provides all the template documents, letters and HR Micro-guides needed to manage both disciplinary and grievances within your business.  Click here to read more.

I understand cost is always an important factor for small businesses.  I therefore offer an initial  30 minute free consultation , so we can discuss the needs of your business and how I may best help you.

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