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HR Support for Business provides HR support, advise and HR resources locally across HR Support BannerOxfordshire and Warwickshire (read more). 

And to any business who operate under English law through our HR Virtual Service (read more).

A fair and legal process is, however, only half the story.  Your managers need the people management skills and knowledge to manage their teams effectively within your business.

Managers of people need a ‘working knowledge’ of the underpinning employment and health and safety issues.  Equally they need good interpersonal communication skills to lead and manage teams.  Often called the ‘softer skills’ they are anything but.

HR Resources BannerWe devised our training days to meet the demand for the underpinning knowledge and ability to use the HR process we provided clients with in our Employee Handbook

(see our HR Resource HR Compliance in a Box for more info).

If it involves an area of people management/HR we can devise a training plan bespoke to your needs.  Just contact us. 

We offer a Free 30 minute consultation specifically so we can discuss any business needs you have and how HR Support for Business can help.

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