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Performance Management Training

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Training BannerGood HR process is, however, only half the story.

Your managers need the people management skills to manage and build performance in your business aligned to meet your customers’ needs. So we developed our Performance Management Training Day to meet this need.

People are a business’s greatest asset

Only true if your employees are helping you meet your customers’ needs. Otherwise they may well be your biggest headache!

Most of us would agree that your team is equally your business’s largest fixed cost, and a key element to the success of your business. So we all know performance management is important to get right.

Your managers must recruit the right people and then ‘manage’ their performance (output) and costs (input) of this major fixed business cost – (your workforce) in alignment to deliver your customers’ needs.

HR Resources BannerAs we mentioned the right HR Management Tools for the job is part of the answer.  We can easily provide these for you (read more).

Our Training day objective

Our training will concentrate on the interpersonal communication skills for your managers to effectively use the HR Performance Management tools.

To enable them to align and manage the performance of teams to meet your business objectives.  And, when needed, have the confidence and HR tools to have those difficult conversations with a team member.  To fix performance or conduct problems when small.

Often referred to as ‘soft skills’, they are anything but.  I have known managers tackle the dirtiest job on the site, rather than tackle underperformance, or unacceptable conduct.

We support your managers to improve productivity and gain the competitive edge over your competitors through their people.

We keep the training relevant to the objectives they need to meet, and the problems they have to face in your business.  We also keep the content straightforward and jargon free – and of course fun!

This way your managers  will have the knowledge, skill and ability to use what they have learned back in their workplace. To improve performance in your business.  And help support one another in doing so!  Giving you greater payback for your training costs.

TScreen Shot 2014-06-10 at 09.49.28o further help we provide a Management Handbook This includes the material, policies and the HR Micro Guides used on the training day.  This gives managers a useful reference guide and clear direction on how to handle the next ‘live’ people issue within their team.


 So what to do next?

We offer a  Free 30 minute consultation to talk over your business needs and how we may help.  Just contact us and we can discuss your training requirements and how we can help. Or scroll down to get an idea of what the d ay will include:


 Overview of our Performance Management Training day


Part one: Making appraisals work

Overview of the business benefit of this training program depositphotos_12175655-Results-Concept_-Results-word-on-white-background I have seen businesses get tied up in the process of form filling and ticking boxes to the point that the whole appraisal process is just a waste of time and money. Why?  because they do not achieve the core aim of continuously maintaining and building performance to deliver business objectives.

We cover key management skills needed for effective performance management.  Aligning and setting business objectives and giving feedback – that works.


depositphotos_11219134-ObjectiveObjectives.  Everyone talks about SMART when setting objectives.  However, there is an extra ‘E’.  E = engagement.

Unless your employee is motivated to want to achieve an objective, and takes a sense of ownership to achieve, it rarely works well, or adds any value to your business.

Objectives also need to be aligned to directly deliver a business objective to add any value to your business.  This is a key management skill many struggle with.

Giving Feedback.  It is not only difficult for most people to do, if done badly, it can damage relationships and destroy performance.depositphotos_28859227-Feedback-stamp This training program will cover;  essential interpersonal communication skills and tried and tested communication and HR models to give feedback that will build and improve performance.

We will also align to your business objectives to ensure you get maximum value from this day.

 Part two: Fixing Workforce problems

Fixing performance and conduct problems

Overview of the business benefit of this training program The best chance you have of successfully dealing with either a conduct or performance issue in your business is outside of any formal process.

But how to have that difficult conversation? How do you achieve a win-win situation that will deliver business results not problems?

We will give your managers the tools and confidence to tackle the trickiest of situations. Quite simply if Managers are not confident in managing these areas they will either:

  • Put the conversation off until it becomes a huge problem that has to be dealt with formally when has started to damage the team, the business and cost money
  • Or, they will have the conversation, but handle it so badly it makes the situation worse.  And again, you have to deal with it formally, with the added risk of already having dealt with it incorrectly.


Both scenarios will cause damage and cost your business. We will give your managers a tried and tested communication framework and the HR tools to have the confidence and ability to, not only have that difficult conversation, but get the results the business needs.

Many a costly disciplinary, capability meeting, grievance, or accident could be avoided if the manager had ‘nipped the situation in the bud’.  Before it became a major issue that is costing your business valuable time and money.

Total cost:   £600 which can cover up to 10 delegates (just £60 per delegate), plus travel at cost.  Training program delivered at your premises.

If you would like to know more, or just discuss over your business needs please Contact us or e-mail me at