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Having an effective, fair and legal recruitment and selection process is, however, only half the story.  Your managers need the interview skills to select the right person into the right job.

 What is the business benefit

Finding and the recruiting the right person for the job is vital for a business.  And, one of the most important decisions any manager has to make.

Get it right and the person can add huge value to your business by achieving your objectives and meeting your customers’ needs.  A poor appointment however, can negatively impact on customers, work teams and your business’s effectiveness; and cost your business a great deal of money.

And  it is reported that even a junior recruitment costs £5000+  – rising with seniority.  Plus get it wrong, and  it can continue to cost you.   Wasted induction and training costs.  And the damage they may do to your business before the consequences to your business start to surface.  Then you need to add the costs of managing this person out of your business.

You can see why I feel this is a vital element of HR for a business to get right.

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The interview remains the first choice for over 96% of businesses. But choosing the right person for the job out of so many applications is not an easy task.  If the process is unstructured this method can in fact be very unreliable, subjective and risky.

Following a systematic competency based behavioural interview has been proven to be more reliable, less subjective and less risky.   It helps you match the skills, knowledge, experience and how a person work s (or behaves) to the job and your business.

A structured process will also protect your business from potential claims of discrimination – because it just would not be true as it would be based on the legitimate needs of the job.  And, you would have clear documented evidence to support this.    It may be worth re-mentioning that a person does not have to be an employee to make a claim of discrimination against you.  And successful claims can reach six figure settlements.

The program – what managers will learn

What you will learn

What you will learn

This program will give your managers the confidence and capability to define competencies and produce a Results based job description.

To then follow a systematic and practical step by step process to record the recruitment process and complete the needed administration. But most importantly the interview and communication techniques to gain and record the information needed to get the right person for the job.

HR Resources BannerWe can bespoke to your existing HR Management System (following a compliance check), or we will include free of charge the required elements from the Recruitment and Selection HR e Toolkit (read more) from our HR Resource the HR Compliance Box (read more).

You managers will be able to:

  • understand the business costs of getting it wrong and the business and team benefits of getting it right
  • have the ability to simplify job descriptions to the key outcomes/results the position needs to achieve
  • understand the role of behaviours – or the how someone undertakes their work, and how this must fit with the job type and company culture.  Plus be able to identify technical and non technical competencies and the importance of both to achieve results
  • understand and identify the different stages within the recruitment process.  Identifying objectives, screening  applicants and identifying anomalies, short-listing, preparing and designing questions, the interview, the decision and the needed administration at each stage
  • have an understanding of the underpinning law.  Including Equal Opportunities, dealing with subjectivity, diversity and inclusiveness, right to work, Equality Act and looking at the horns and halo’ effect
  • be able to prepare an effective interview plan and undertake behavioural interviews with confidence
  • have a greater understanding and capability of using the key communication skills/models, different types of questions and their use to maintain control of the interview.  The need for effective questioning, listening, observation and tips for clear note taking.  All aimed at gaining and recording the information to make an informed decision.
  • understand the WASP structure and it’s benefits
  • understand the need to sell the organisation and the job, but the on-going danger of overselling.


Team workshop

depositphotos_46327809-3d-modelling-people-connectedThis is a very practical ‘hands on’ day that will provide an introduction to first developing a results based job description and personal specification relevant to positions within your business.  This is a vital stage and not as easy as people may think.

To prepare and hold an interview to try and find the most suitable candidate, systematically and legally based on case studies relevant to your business.  As a team, we will take on the roles of interviewer, interviewee and observer to implement what we have learned using these case studies.

The program encourages the entire team to work as a team.  learning new skills together to resolve relevant business issues – both live and to come.  This gives a significant added benefit over many other training provisions. Working as a team we will:

  • Work as a team to develop two key Results Based Job Descriptions and Personal Specifications for key positions within your business
  • Spit into teams and conduct at least two live interviews based on the above job descriptions and the Recruitment Tools
  • Back at the business.  Write at least one Results Based Job Description and Personal Specification for a position within your team
  • Back at the business.  Next  live vacancy prepare a Job Description and your recruitment process with a colleague from this training day.  Getting feedback from a third.
  • Overview of the day – questions and answers.

A team overview and questions of what has been learned during the day 

Cost for up to 10 delegates £600 (just £60 per person) plus travel at cost.  Venue to be provided by client.

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