Statutory notice periods 2014

Employment Facts and Stats 

Statutory Notice periods 2014

12252539-3d-man-running-with-a-stack-of-papersSo many employment facts and laws an employer needs to know.

One is the minimum notice periods to be given by Employer and Employees if the contract of employment is ended for whatever reason.

Employers: Statutory minimum notice will override any contractual notice within an Employee’s Terms and Conditions of Employment if greater.

In other words, whatever the contract may state, below is the minimum notice you must give to an Employee if you are terminating their Contract of Employment.

The only override to this is if the Employment Contract is ended due to Gross Misconduct and therefore the contact is terminated without notice.

The Statutory minimum notice is set out in the Employment Rights Act 1996 s 86(1) and currently is:

Continuous employment (in full years) Min Statutory notice
Less than 2 years but at least one month 1 week
At least 2 but less than 3 years 2 weeks
At least 3 but less than 4 years 3 weeks
At least 4 but less than 5 years 4 weeks
At least 5 but less than 6 years 5 weeks
At least 6 but less than 7 years 6 weeks
At least 7 but less than 8 years 7 weeks
At least 8 but less than 9 years 8 weeks
At least 9 but less than 10 years 9 weeks
At least 10 but less than 11 years 10 weeks
At least 11 but less than 12 years 11 weeks
12 or more weeks 12 weeks


Employees:   The statutory minimum notice to be given by an employee to an employer is set out in the Employment Rights Act 1996 s 86(2) and is: 


Continuous employment Min Statutory notice
At least one month 1 week


As you can see, the statutory notice to be given by Employees to Employers does not increase with length of service.  If you need more for the position in question, this is where an employer would need  to rely on the contractual terms agreed.

Article taken from our latest Employment Facts and Stats Employers update 2014

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