The HR Annual Retainer Service


The HR Retainer Service

Based in Oxfordshire I work as a freelance Virtual HR Assistant for businesses who operate under English law.  An ideal outsourced flexible HR solution for when a business, or a fellow HR professional need HR support and assistance.  But cannot justify the cost a permanent HR Manager would bring.

But sometimes a client needs a little more HR support on a longer term basis.

The problem

We all know the  world of managing people has become increasingly complicated.  Underpinned by complex and changeable employment law, reductions in resources, budget, and an increase in workload. Sound familiar?

Clients tell me they have less time and even more they need to do.  Just keeping up to date with ever changing and complex employment and health and safety law is a full time job in itself.

They know not dealing with a workforce issue swiftly will cost them dearly in the long run. But fear taking action in case they get it wrong. Often wasting their valuable time worrying how to deal with a workforce issue.

A senior HR person on their team to deal with these issues would be ideal. But it is hard for a small business to justify employing a permanent senior HR person to help.

Your solution – the  HR Retainer Service


I, or one of my professional associates are assigned to you and will be there as a virtual member of your team when you need us.

First to help you ensure you have the right contracts of employment, Employee and Health and Safety Handbooks and employment documentation in place to manage the lifecycle of your workforce.

Then there to ensure you constantly stay legally compliant with  changing law.  So you never have to worry about this again.

HR Support BannerAnd, then be there to support you to resolve workforce issues swiftly and more cost effectively as they arise.  Saving your valuable time.

And if you need any documents or letters to implement a solution they are provided for you.

Some clients use their  HR Retainer service to write new contracts and conditional offer letters – ready for them to just sign and send.

The fact is, as a Virtual member of your team, you choose how best I can help you.  And just contact me.


The cost?

Keeping in mind cost is always a consideration for a small business the starter HR Retainer Service is less than £20 per week (£85 per month). 

This allows for an average of up to two hours of HR time per month – which is often sufficient to support the smaller business.  Of course, if you  then need more HR help and support I can provide you more through the Ad Hoc HR Support Service. But as a Retainer client you then get a 10% discount on the normal HR hourly rate.

HR Newsroom IconI will also send you an  Employers’ Newsletter   Facts and Stats updates and other legal updates.  All focused on keeping you easily ‘ahead of the game’. Allowing you to plan for forthcoming changes within your business.

‘If you want to know more why not Contact me, Carole Thomson.  I offer a free 30 minute consultation to discuss the needs of your business and how HRSfB may help you.  Or just pop me an e-mail at and I will give you a call.